Accurately measure object dimensions

Scan large or unreachable objects

Inspect in Virtual Reality

Why perform 3D modelling with drones?

Reinvention of 3D models

3D models are based on thousands of pictures taken by drones from different angles, stitched together to create an accurate representation.

Fly around the object and view all corners from any perspective.

Measure the distances you need

In addition to the 3D model, you can select the measurements that you want to obtain.

Perform the measurements yourself, or have inFlights do them for you.

End-to-end service

From pilot selection to data processing, inFlights handles the process from beginning to end.
We think with you to make the impossible possible, anywhere in the world, safely and in time.
You get the insights you need, fast and effortlessly.

End products that integrate in your business

Dimension report

A report detailing the dimensions of the objects of interest in the format of your choice.


See example

Point clouds

A point cloud in to analyze and manipulate in the software of your choice.


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Raw pictures

Our platform also allows you to download the raw pictures for further inspection or to run your own analysis.


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Example 3D model of raw materials

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Inspect in detail

With 3D models, get an accurate, extensive representation of your asset

One click away

Experience the power of drones now and let inFlights take care of the end-to-end process.

Drones for business

The inFlights platform allows you to integrate drone operations into your existing business processes.