A drone network flying for your insights

We manage a unique drone operator network, flying to create valuable insights

Actionable insights one click away

We create actionable insights for you, not just pictures or data. We manage the full end-to-end service: mission planning & permits, flying, data processing, other data sources integration and insight generation.

Benefit from network of operators

Our operators are close to the inspection location. We optimize routes to increase fly-time of operators. We can plan and re-plan inspections in a flexible way.

On time on quality insights

inFlights stands for quality, so do our operators. Time is money, and your insights will be on time.


Discover how your business benefits from our drone-driven insights

Improve insulation with leakage detection

Our precise 2D and 3D thermal models allow you to spot very precisely insulation leaks at reactors, pipes and vessels that are hard to reach.

Monitor supply chain

Based on 3D point clouds, volumes of inventories can be measured easily to create valuable insights and optimize your supply chain.

Inspect the unreachable

Drones allow you to access places that are hard to reach, or where you have never been. No more scaffolding and inspect quicker your assets, visually or with IR.

Improve solar cell output

Drones can perform rapid and safe inspections of solar panel sites. Anomalies are autonomously detected and reported in high-resolution with exact locations. The results can be integrated in your current systems.


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