inFlights turns a complex operation into a swift and easy process

Book a drone and choose a customized service

Follow progress on the platform while inFlights does all the work

Receive actionable insights when and how you need them

Reinventing drones-as-a-service for industry

Access a unique network of handpicked drone pilots across Belgium, Europe and the world.

All our pilots are certified drone operators in line with safety and legal standards, specifically picked out for each flight.

inFlights handles all of the necessary paperwork, coordinates the planning and scheduling, does the pre-flight check together with the pilots and processes the data into valuable insights.

Complex process made easy to follow

Using drones is a complex process if you want to maintain the highest levels of safety, privacy and airmanship. A well-conducted drone flight takes more paperwork than one with a small manned aircraft would; being pilots ourselves, we know what we are talking about.

While inFlights handles your flight booking, you can follow progress at any time through the inFlights platform.

inFlights processes the data collected by drones and creates a customized, downloadable report.

Receive actionable insights when and how you need them

We work with you to analyze the data to create insights for your business. Our data reports can be submitted in your preferred format, and can be fully integrated in your existing business processes and software systems.

Questions, requests? Contact or chat directly with us (we are not a bot) anytime.

User stories

One business case handled by inFlights involved a multinational company, who needed to gather images of particular objects from specific angles. The objects were located in three different countries, ie. Belgium, the UK, and Spain. Together with the client, we established the best method to achieve the desired outcome, and put it in motion. We searched within our extensive network of drone pilots and designated certified operators in each of the locations. Our flexibility and versatility allowed for an efficient completion of the project; the company received its processed data report within 5 days.