Inspect hard to reach places

Verify the state of your buildings

Solidify your insulation check

Why perform insulation leak detection with drones?

Understand how heat flows

Very precise thermal scans allow you to see how heat flows out of your asset.

Spot temperature differences of up to 0.1°C with infrared images and detect leaks and emanations.

Validate insulation performance

Obtain a thermal scan with technical drawings to validate performance.

Determine improvement potential of older buildings and develop a very detailed insulation plan.

Detect corrosion under insulation

When corrosion happens, the object’s heat profile changes, which can be detected by drones.  Keep an eye on hard to reach places with the drones’ bird’s eye view.

inFlights gives you an end-to-end service: you get the insights you need fast and effortlessly.
inFlights also coordinates a unique network of accredited pilots to be available for you across Europe.

End products that integrate in your business

Customized reports

A full analysis that allows you to easily interpret and integrate the results in your business.


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Point clouds

A point cloud in to analyze and manipulate in the software of your choice.


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Raw pictures

Our platform also allows you to download the raw pictures for further inspection or to run your own analysis.


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Increase efficiency

By scanning your asset with drones, you can obtain more accurate representations.

One click away

Experience the power of drones now and let inFlights take care of the end-to-end process.

Drones for business

inFlights platform allows you to integrate drone operations into your existing business processes.