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Boost your supply chain to industry 4.0 with drones

Streamline your inventory management

At inFlights, we use drones to measure volumes of a range of different materials: from raw materials, paper and pulp, to chemicals and metal production.

With precise measurements, you can reduce stock-outs so you never leave customers without your product.

Avoid surprises at the closing of the booking period and put your capital to work.

Know the quality of your inventory down to the finest detail

inFlight's data-reports and 3D models are based on thousands of drone pictures, strong algorithms, and combined innovative technologies to take your business to the next level.

Based on these pictures (photo representations and thermal Infra Red), advanced algorithms estimate important quality parameters of your inventory, such as grain size and temperature.

Aim high in efficiency: use inFlights and manage your output.

inFlights is a leading partner providing drone insights across Europe

inFlights coordinates a unique network of accredited pilots to be available for you across Europe.

Our engineers develop innovative, high-end technologies allowing them to establish measurements of remarkable accuracy.
You obtain an end-to-end service: you get the insights you need fast and effortlessly, and inFlights takes care of the full process.

End products that integrate in your business

Customized reports

A report that allows you to easily interpret and integrate the results in your business.


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Point clouds

A point cloud in to analyze and manipulate in the software of your choice.


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Raw pictures

Our platform also allows you to download the raw pictures for further inspection or to run your own analysis.


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Know your inventory in its finest details and reduce stock-outs with drone driven data

Experience the power of drones now and let inFlights take care of the end-to-end process

The inFlights' platform integrates drone insights into your existing business systems.