Scalable volume measurements

Accurate results

Reduced stockouts

Why perform volume measurements with drones?

Accurate stocks are critical for your supply chain

Reduce stock-outs so you never leave customers without your product.
Reduce inventory surprises at the closing of the booking period.

Streamline inventory and put your capital to work.

Drones for volume

At inFlights we use drones to perform volume measurements. By taking hundreds or even thousands of pictures of the inventory, our engineers are able to construct a precise 3D model.

This model is then used to calculate the volume for each stockpile, enabling remarkable accuracy.

Aim high in efficiency: use inFlights volume measurements for your stock.

inFlights is a leading partner to benefit from drone insights

We achieve industry-leading accuracy. Our engineers have developed in-house methodologies to attain stable and accurate results.

inFlights gives you an end-to-end service: you get the insights you need, without additional work.
inFlights also coordinates a unique network of accredited pilots to be available for you across Europe.

End products that integrate in your business

Customized reports

A report that allows you to easily interpret and integrate the results in your business.


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Point clouds

A point cloud in to analyze and manipulate in the software of your choice.


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Raw pictures

Our platform also allows you to download the raw pictures for further inspection or to run your own analysis.


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No stock-outs

By measuring your inventory with drones, you can know your inventory better and significantly reduce stock-outs

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Experience the power of drone-driven data today and let inFlights take care of the end-to-end process for your business

Drones for business

inFlights platform allows you to integrate drone operations into your existing business processes and systems